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120ft drill-4

It’s one of those sites, even on a photograph, that make you go WOW. The photograph shows a NH T9060 pulling a 120ft wide drill across the plains of Walgett, North Western NSW . It must have been a stunning sight seeing this machine at work, I only saw the photos, but chatted to the NH staff who helped install the tractor and PF kit. The tractor and drill was working in a field that is 2km in length, the use of guidance technology is a no brainer to farmers across Australia. I learnt about this unit via Dan Halliday, the Precision Farming expert within NH Australia.

120ft drill 3I spent a week training the new support company for the NH precision farming software SGS, on how to use the NH Desktop software and that’s when you learn about what Aussie farmers are up to and where they want to go with their PF operations.

I felt that the best UK farmers would match the best Aussie farmers when it comes down to looking at their fields in the detail required to maximise yields and inputs. Very different drivers to managing their fields, but maximising inputs and maximising outputs is what both want to do. As to the rest of farmers the variability in skills is similar, many wanting to learn about precision farming but don’t know where to start.