14 days to go

Only 14 days until 9 students from South Oxfordshire schools start their landbased Diploma course. 9 students who want to learn about farming and related industries.

Oli at work planning

The course is going to be delivered by Oli Rathmill and myself and we’re busy planning what we’re going to do in my first term. So far we’re on week 13 and the list of subjects is:

Week 1) Course intro & Pond survey
Week 2)  Woodland habitat survey
Week 3) Ornithology & Tree survey
Week 4) Landscape tour & Soil surveying
Week 5) Landscapes & Growing crops
Week 6) Farming Practices, legislation and environment schemes
Week 7) Ecology and its interaction with the environment
Week 8) Project & Assignment week
Week 9) Wytham Woods field trip
Week 10) Deer survey & Job opportunities in the sector
Week 11) TBC
Week 12) TBC
Week 13) TBC
Week 14) Presentation week and job opportunities

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